Scribbles from R Scott Jones
May 20th, 2024

Reclaiming space on my Home Screen


One of the weird things about my dad passing away last week is that I suddenly have "new" available space on my phone's Home Screen. Five new icons or folders can replace the previous ones I devoted to his care.

This is oddly exciting.

A big part of that is because I get to change some default behaviors I've had the last few years.

Behaviors like reflexively tapping the Waze camera app to see if he was awake or sleeping, trying to assess from afar how he was doing today. Could I parse if it was a good day or bad day? Or seeing the Messenger app and wondering if he's be able to successfully answer my video call on the Facebook Portal he had at his bedside. Or seeing the folder full of medical portal apps and immediately running through a mental checklist of upcoming appointments and what things (blood draw? urine sample? ct scan?) I needed to get done before them.

Default behaviors that existed just under the surface of my consciousness, but loaded stress on to my psyche.

What do I get to replace them with? What apps are the ones that I want to see in their place? Which ones are the ones that will help me both move on, but also chart a positive new path forward?

I'm not sure.


I removed a couple, but am still a bit too sentimental to change the others...just yet.

I filled those two newly-available spaces with items that had long been relegated to my second Home Screen, but which I hope will play a bigger role in my life in the near-term: a writing app (iA Writer), and a folder of apps related to my personal websites.

It's a good step forward.

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